OPERA Night Club

Ночной клуб «Опера»Night club OPERA today is one of few places in the city where visitors can enjoy not only what is happening around but also have a good rest. The club can hold 1000 people at a time. Basic and crystal R`n`B dance-floor, 2 VIP-rooms, cozy chill-out will help you to spend time joyfully.

Club music - trance, house, d'n'b, mixture of commercial house music and r’n’b rhythms. Along with that the club does not forget about the regional culture, organizing parties representing modern hits in the Tatar language.

For you 3 bars are working with wide choice of alcohol and soft drinks, dishes, kalian and cigars.

Night club working hours: from 18:00 till 05:00

фото Ночной клуб «OPERA» фото Ночной клуб «OPERA» фото Ночной клуб «OPERA»
Address: 140 Moskovsky Ave (52/03A), Naberezhnye Chelny, Republic of Tatarstan Building of Business Center Fort Dialog
Reservation service: +7 (8552) 59-44-01
+7 (8552) 59-84-82
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Address: Russia, Tatarstan republic, Naberezhnye Chelny, 140 Moskovskiy Ave (52А/03), Fort Dialogue office building

Reservations: +7 (8552) 59-44-01, +7 (8552) 59-84-82